Aktiia supports iPhones running iOS 11 or newer and Android devices running 7.0 or newer.

Aktiia uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity to transfer data between the bracelet and the mobile application running on a smartphone.

Each box contains an Aktiia bracelet, initialization cuff, charging base, USB cable and user manual.

We take data security seriously, especially when it comes to protecting your personal data. We use 256 bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) for all communications between Aktiia Bracelet and mobile application.

All your data is stored on Aktiia’s secure cloud server, located in Europe. Our data policy is compliant with GDPR regulations. You can find more information on our privacy policy here.

The Aktiia bracelet has been validated as accurate in multiple clinical trials and is compliant with ISO-81060-2 requirements for accuracy. To learn more about our clinical trials please visit the Evidence section on our website.

No, the Aktiia mobile application is not designed to work with tablet devices at this time.

Please refer to the evidence section on our website.

The Aktiia bracelet indirectly estimates blood pressure changes through optical signal processing. In order to provide absolute values of blood pressure in units of mmHg, an initialization with a reference value is needed. The reference measurement has to be taken with the initialization cuff, which is a validated sphygmomanometer device like most standard blood pressure cuffs.

Aktiia Bracelet G1 has been validated in multiple clinical trials according to ISO-81060-2 standards and has received the CE marking as a Class IIa medical device. For additional information please refer to the evidence section on our website.

At this time we have one size of the bracelet, which fits wrist sizes between 14cm and 21cm in circumference. If this will not fit you, please contact us at for assistance.

Orders, Shipping and Returns

Aktiia has a 14-day return policy. We are committed to your satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with your product for any reason, just reach out to us at

Aktiia warrants that your product is free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of two (2) years from the date of delivery of the Aktiia product.

We are manufacturing the units now. They will then be in transit to our European warehouse for up to 30 days and should be available to ship to customers by March 2021.

At the time of pre-order, we will ask for your credit card information to reserve one of the first production units. However, we will not charge your credit card until we are within 30 days of shipping your order.

At this time, we are only accepting orders and shipping to the U.K. To get updates on when the product may be available in your country please sign up for our International newsletter.

To cancel your pre-order, please email us at

Billing and Subscription

The Aktiia 24/7 Monitoring Service refers to the current Aktiia App feature set as currently advertised on this website. For more information, please see the How it Works section.

Normally, the Aktiia 24/7 Monitoring Service will be charged at £8.99/month. However, all pre-order customers will gain ongoing access to the service at no charge. This is an additional benefit for pre-order customers only and will not be available after the pre-order period.


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